MIDO Non- Partisanship Policy

MIDO is a non-partisan organization. We are not affiliated with and we don’t support any political party or politician. Our advocacy work focuses on digital rights based on international human rights norms and standards, and is not influenced by any political agenda.

MIDO’s non-partisanship policy for staff states that:

  • Staff may provide analysis and policy advice to candidates or public officials on a non-partisan and non-exclusive basis (provided that they make themselves reasonably available to all other candidates and officials).
  • Staff may engage in political activity, but only in a personal capacity and not as an employee of MIDO.
  • Staff are not allowed to campaign at work or to use MIDO’s resources for any political activity.

If an employee engages in political activity, he/she must do so in a personal capacity and is required to:

  1. Notify MIDO;
  2. Not act as a representative of MIDO in that context;
  3. Not represent a political party or counsel party members at public events or in the media;
  4. Notify MIDO on any potential conflict of interest related to his/her political activity.
  5. If the employee becomes a political candidate or government official, or his/her political activity interferes with work obligations at MIDO, he/she must take a leave of absence.
  6. Directors of MIDO are not allowed to join a political party or have an exclusive political affiliation.
  7. Employees must notify MIDO if their direct family member (e.g spouse, parent, child) is affiliated with a political organization.

Real or Not Code of Conduct 

This code of conduct outlines our main fact-checking principles.

  1. We do not support or oppose any individual or organization or political stance.
  2. We do not target any individual or organization in regard to our fact-checking regardless of it’s affiliation to our work and organization.
  3. We apply the same fact-checking standards and methods to every fact-checking case and we provide factual evidence to support our analysis.
  4. We don’t disclose the identity of the authors of our fact-checking articles. The bios of our fact-checking team members are available on our website, but they will not be associated with any articles shared.
  5. All personnel involved in the Real or Not program including employees, volunteers, interns, members of MIDO’s board, and MIDO’s donors are obligated to accept our code of conduct and the independence of our work from any external influence.