MIDO (Myanmar ICT for Development Organization) is a Myanmar-based civil society organization founded in 2012. Our mission is to be a catalyst for the adoption of technology to drive social and political progress in Myanmar. We work on ICT4Development, ICT4Peace, digital rights and digital security issues through research, training and advocacy. Find more information here.

Real or Not

Real or Not is MIDO’s flagship fact-checking initiative, which has been working on verifying user-generated content and debunking mis/disinformation since 2015. As part of MIDO’s ICT4Peace Program, our goals are to debunk fake news and rumours on social media that are spread deliberately to damage the social, political and economic environment; and to increase the knowledge of Internet users in Myanmar on how to spot real and fake news.

We verify news stories related to political, economic, social and health issues by using fact-checking methods and journalistic techniques. We publish our fact-checking stories  on the Real or Not website and Facebook page, and also use Viber, Instagram and Twitter to spread awareness about the impact of mis/disinformation and the importance of media literacy.

Real or Not also runs Myanmar’s first fact-checking Messenger chatbot to engage users on the latest news. In 2019, we collaborated with DVB Multimedia Group to produce Myanmar’s first edutainment TV program promoting media and information literacy titled MIL KYI.

Contact information

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/realornot.mm
Facebook Messenger: https://m.me/realornot.mm
Viber – COVID-19: Covid-19 MM (Real or Not)
Phone: 09797196745
Email: info(at)realornotmm.info